Monday, 23 March 2009

Missing Lady

Very rarely does a news item shock me but this did, the very streets I walked upon last year whilst studying in the beautiful city not far from my family home of Hunmanby.

If New York is the City that never sleeps then York is the one that is never awake. I recall a drug bust in the last year or so, that is it. Its mellow, laid back and carefree at the best of times, the Police are virtually non existental. Even Satan, the fallen angel of God could walk through without so much of a glance.

I hope Miss Lawrence is not in any danger and gladly this is York not South London. Unfortunately the Police haven't a clue what lies ahead, their training videos consists of Die Hard 2 and Lethal Weapon.

This is the sort of crime they have to put a stop to;

Look at the old dear's body language. She is angry and full of loathing. Beware criminals, you better pray the Police get you first or the OAPs shall rip your heart out and feed to Baxter the dog.

"Gardening is our only pleasure" says Mr Smith.. with a face like hers, you can see why.

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