Tuesday, 17 March 2009

More Madness...

Its been amongst the dammed rumoured mutterings within student ranks almost like the Third Reich sweeping rumours of discontentment it has now confirmed, the tuition fee that is already high enough is to increase by two thousand pounds to 5 thousand. Which means upon graduating may mean having to pay back 15 perhaps 20 thousand on tuition fees alone with the added maintenance re payments will leave many in such debt that the question of 'Is studying at University even worth it?' when of course it is, not that many will take the view that long term potentials outshine the shortcomings..

As this article highlights, the pitfalls of student debt will mirage with credit loans leaving them in even more trouble

If the Government have the interests of the students at heart, this notion would not pass through Lords. Yet, this is the Labour Party we are talking about. The voices opposing will soon be silenced.

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