Monday, 23 March 2009

Tax Haven and Spandau Ballet, odd mix indeed.

News of the Government crack down on those living in tax havens such as Switzerland has been long overdue but needed especially in the recession. As touched upon by Plashing Vole blog last week, many sly businessmen, musicans and Formula One drivers escaping the taxmen it leaves the rest of the UK paying the taxes that keep the country stable. Hopefully the Government find those responsible, take back what is due and then send in a few heavies to physically punish them.

I hear Spandau Ballet are set to make a comeback which is excellent news. At a risk of sounding sartical, Tales of Isolation and Anger does indeed like the band without knowing exactly why. Its certainly not the towering figure of Tony Hadley or the quiff haired brothers themselves or their swooning voices. Perhaps my mother listened to them as I was in the womb, she liked Chris Issac so why not these lot.

Would certainly explain why I desperately wanted to be born three months early at a risk of dying.

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Natural Blues said...

GOLD!! GOLD!! always believe in your ssoouull...