Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Anti-Capitalist Vigilante Group

As seen in this article, the revolutionary group of muscle bound warriors encaptured with imagination and sharp wit ATTACKED Sir Fred 'Scumbag Millionaire, greedy and conniving' Goodwin house.

Except of course, the idenity of these rouge warriors are unknown so my glowing description is worthless. At least they aren't yobs or street gang otherwise their name would be V-Unit with the motto 'Going to stab you, Blud'. On the other hand they could be 80 year old, Second World War heroes seeking vengence on their motor-scooters and fully armed with their medals glistering with pride. Or football hooligans as I expect.

However, as much as we all wanted to see Goodwin squrim and could foresee this happening we know it was wrong and our moral high ground has crumbled.

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Natural Blues said...

Why do you think they are football hooligans?