Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Government's Sexual Antics

I awoke to this rather pleasant morning marred only by the absence of my lady friend who departed for work I sipped upon my blueberry/strawberry and banana smoothie in the sun then started reading the news which I now regret, if only a comic store was open directly opposite my halls of residence.

The news is full of sexual antics of MPs. In the middle of a recession; finanical news, wars and poverty have been displaced by the exploits of Miss Jacqui Smith's husband's pornographic viewing;

As terrible as it is, the fact he watched it on a taxpayers tab but is it in all honestly the most important news story of the day? Of course not. Whether or not Miss Smith is now sacked remains to be seen. I personally never listened with interest to her interviews, House of Commons talks through the miserable fact she is a rather sleep inducing even when she says something idotic its almost too embrassing. Now this fiasco and the fact she'll pay the money back it'll will do little to redeem her.

All MP expenses claims should be investigated if this is anything to go by, on such a salary that they recieve why are expenses needed anyway? £300,000, one such MP has recieved in the past decade..

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