Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Leaders of the Freeworld who couldn't run a bath.

Gordon Brown, the first of many politicians who has the intelligence to cover up the woes of the UK by performing a 'miraclous task' in this instant, the speech to Congress.

I would admire him only if he sorted our country out before these wild claims. But if these claims do ever come to fruition, the world would only return to the choas that was 2008. We need to eliminate the greed culture that engulfed the 'Boom and Bust' years. To do this, the State need to gain more control of the banks if anything is to happen in the future like he suggested with the eyebrow raising statement "literally billions of people in other continents will move from being simply producers of their goods to being consumers of our goods, and in this way our world economy will double in size".

Stumbling blindly through the applause of Americans while our nation crumbles. Is there a short term solution or is he indeed our greatest hope? David Cameron would argue otherwise.

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