Tuesday, 3 November 2009

'You are in one of your left-wing moods'...

The great Winston Churchill said to his dear wife in the most meritorious show I've seen in a long while. The Emmy winning, HBO & BBC's Into the Storm featuring fabulous performances all round, Glesson's portrayal of Churchill was uncanny right down to his facial expressions with each line muttered in a sharp disgruntled genius. A heroic brooding sycophant who carried the hopes of the nation thus held a tendency to frustrate, inspire and plunge into despair those around him. None more so than his wife Clemmie who was as immaculate at every turn (judging by pictures) whilst unassuming, considerate as she is shown to be. The finest moment is undoubtedly when he reveals all (quite literally) to the President 'As you can see, I have nothing to hide from you'- pure excellence. Just like the Channel 4 documentary The Great Escape: The Reckoning, it proves the sheer determination of our people and the relief on May 8th 1945.

Now, can I use the British endeavour and courage to finish my many assignments? Firstly an essay on Paradise Lost of which I have four opened books spread across the desk and simultaneously reading each of them. Of course, it'll mean gaining masses of information I don't even require for a task first thought to be rather simplistic as it only asks us to reflect upon an assigned passage in Book IV. Yet clearly I'm an night person enjoying the comfort of the vast desolate apartment whilst sensible people sleep; reading about one of our most celebrated poetic works certainly amongst my favourites whilst listening to the Churchillian speeches coupled with fine cup of tea. A scene I find to be quaint and very relaxing however my distractions through out the day mount and a trip to London at the weekend nears.

An essential trip as it seems the disability charity 'Skill' require my presence at the next council meeting, seemingly being elected after a mere three months as Volunteer. Whether that's to my credit or not, I shall have to see. Perhaps my disdain of the Baroness in the previous trip to the House of Lords that I blogged about shall lead to a perilous meeting tainted with revenge, a displacement nonetheless. Much like the case if the journalist whom I was forced to sternly but politely dismiss any involvement with after they found my private email enquiring of more insight to the University life.

That said, I shall be armed with my books for the trip to London Town willing to strike with another target being Peter Mandleson in an ideal world, bombarded by our useless student textbooks as Vole's blog below shows. Oh, the next issue of the WWIT featuring my debut article shall appear this week as well as a response to the hopeful application for the Student Associates' Scheme.


In War: Resolution, In Defeat: Defiance, In Victory: Magnanimity, In Peace: Goodwill

- Winston Churchill

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Cloud of Despair said...

Very good.
We shall see about this election of being a Ambassador of Skills. If we are to be the ambassador, we shall show these people of our skills and ideas, of course.
I shall see you on Saturday, good sir.