Tuesday, 10 November 2009

"All this haste of midnight march"...

The quote proclaimed by Satan whilst whipping his rebels into a frenzy in Book V of Paradise Lost. Hopefully shall be the last I mention of the much unadorned epic (certainly amongst my classmates who desest it) as my latest assignment is at it's end but so too is the life of a good man hence another reasoning behind the quote. The shock passing of Robert Enke the German footballer, leading to my stringing LACK of haste to complete the work sub-consciously allowing my work ethic to flounder at this early morning hour as such a kind natured man overcome with grief ended a full life buoyed by his footballing talent and family:


Television channel ARD reports that the site of Enke's death was a mere 200 metres from the grave of his daughter, incredibly saddening. He leaves a loving wife and adopted daughter whom I presume was introduced to lessen the deep hole after the little girl died of a rare heart problem. My condolences are marred by thought to whether he received enough support during his mental torment which forced him to miss many matches, the finest German keeper at the time aged just 32. Manchester United wanted him a few years ago and in some ways, I wish we bought him not only for his outstanding talent and fact he could've been an almost ideal replacement for a crazed Frenchman we had thus installing stability yet also the quasi-political sense that he may still be alive.

Now that's off my chest, onwards with the essays. I'm not surprised however to hear of this boom, a revolution within theatres across the UK. I've attended a fair few shows in recent months which something I've not done since school years as it's a high quality (when done rightly with a good cast) interactive form of entertainment that television, film and even watching people stagger home drunkenly does not offer. It's quite reasonably priced especially in comparison with getting drunk on a whim in a obscure nightclub I tend to grace nearby, far greater to learn from the classics perhaps reading certain modern novels- I'd certainly wish to see Shakespearean classics that I'm studying at this moment especially after thoroughly enjoying an Hamlet performance years ago. Interestingly at the bottom at the article: 'The Misanthrope Keira Knightley makes her West End debut in Molière’s classic. Comedy, SW1'. The exact play I mentioned last month as a source of inspiration and I'm sure it'll be wildly entertaining so tell me if you wish to go.

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