Sunday, 8 November 2009

From Campaigning to Shop Designing...

Firstly a surprisingly exceptional weekend of which I hope you had too. I'm now a voice high ordained by few who deem it valiant and concise enough to pursue righteousness through the medium of campaigning. At the Council Meeting yesterday in London, a gathering of the shareholders & important officials such as Lord Low for the charity 'Skill', aimed at improving the lives of our disabled youngsters it seemed a in-house revolution is in order. The young Politics graduate who doesn't allow his autism to prevent him voicing his opinion stole the show with a inspirational speech and witticisms and now he wishes for myself to join him for another meeting for the Youth Party with realistic aims of progressive talks with the Government especially on matters such as rising tuition fees. With his confident public speaking & debating capabilities and my writing, we'd hopefully be successful strike-force joined by our supportive associates.

After a nice meal, back at the hotel I attempted to sleep yet as facebook status last night (which reminds me of this mildly amusing cartoon), well 3am showed: 'London is a city that never sleeps which doesn't help my insomnia on this fleeting visit thus sleep is looking like a sisyphean task'. The daytime London of course was it's usual stylish contemporary if not in-different self. It's certainly not homely, friendliness is a rare occurrence and as far detached from the picturesque village in which I reside in however the only plausible reasoning is that the Greater London council has being paid by the British Heritage also wishes to be nationally respected. Therefore pragmatical and obdurated in-habitants lead to a less than relaxing atmosphere means less chance of enjoyment therefore the millions of tourists shall inevitably travel elsewhere in the UK thus boosting the profits of obscure places such as Margate. On a side note, the lady wishes to go to Wales on a romantic break before Christmas after initially badgering me about Chester and Edinburgh which proves that women have no idea what they really want.

A friend of mine is a doing an Masters in Design for Advertising and his latest assignment is to design his own clothes shop exclusively for men on the lines of Topman & Burtons I presume. I recommended that he look upon ZARA with a more analytical eye and Reiss in preference with the affordability and charm of River Island. Also told him that I personally would call mine 'Lucifer' ala Satan the fallen angel of God therefore symbolizing the shop is a complete contrast to the mind-numbing consumerism of late and a grasping hand on tradition. It'd be promoted by the very mens fashion magazine I've began writing for, (not for much longer if the article printed doesn't meet approval which I hope it does).

Consequently my imagination ran wild, I dreamt of an open plan layout with modernist outlook with a ethos for value, style and shop with certain patterns, mix-matching designs with shag pile rugs and egg shaped chairs such as the new Missioni Hotel in Edinburgh. Alternatively a classical theme; Victorian with Pre-Raphaelite prints on the walls and shelves draped with books from Austen to Shakespeare maybe even an Adams fireplace with a stone staircase. How would you design yours? What ethos, naming and labelling would you introduce to the high street? Do comment if you wish.

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