Monday, 9 November 2009

Burgeoning Aspirations...

After a weekend of remembrance for those brave men and women who served our nation so well including relatives and friends of my family, it's worth noting that they died fighting for our security, future and aspirations alongside Allied troops from Americans, Canadians and many more. That said Churchill would be ashamed by the behaviour of Gordon Brown at the weekend; his non-bow at the ceremony has been highlighted and now the letter he sent in a hurry to a victim's family citing many spelling errors but it shows a personal touch at least and yet he receives more criticism. Even if he wrote a poem with perfect dactylic hexameter about the joys of Britain with tribute to our favourite past-times, celebrities and sports whilst dismissing fellow Scots as 'vile', we'd still be on his back as we collectively despise him.

Why though? No, it's not his appearance or lack of charm but mainly down to the fact Brown won't pull out the troops with the death toll increasing. Nevertheless it shows the important to live life to the full. these soldiers are fighting for our right to do as we please without fear. They are facing adversaries, some of the most sadistic men on Earth in the most dogged of terrain just so we can walk to the shop without apprehension. Rightly I felt we invaded both Iraq and Afghanistan, the Iraq War for instance was required to dilute the threat Saddam Hussein posed. One thing for certain, our country shall never forget their service especially in the Great War and fight against the Nazis.

I've been informed about a Cricket World Cup for the Deaf to be placed in New Zealand, training for the England side takes place in the New Year in a wonderful setting of Shrewsbury. Now I'm not a cricketer as such and the technical skills I retain in football I have developed over the years whilst respecting others however I did not hence the lengthy ban at sixth form. Yet the chance to escape to a country I've always wished to visit, win a competition and bring home the trophy is too much to bear so I shall hope to make the team.