Wednesday, 28 October 2009

In a moment of madness...

Things can awry, very explosively and extremely quickly without thought for the consequences. Which was the case last night on the Halloween night out, I made a terrible mis-judgement and allowed lust to over-rule my head thus my pretty friend and I kissed. Which when you are taken isn't the ideal thing to do especially when warned previously about such flirtation. I should have heeded the advice yet there is an attraction to this lady (who incidentally has a talented flickr profile that I've been meaning to mention) since she has been through similar experiences and very ambitious. I was honest and told the lady everything and only time will tell if the situation can be resolved.

When it comes to domestic fall-outs, I'm a seasoned pro and I've got the scars to prove it. It's almost like the farcical dispute between the Royal Mail and CWU of which I hope can be sorted and both parties begin to act in a civilized manner instead of acting like the other is responsible for Doomsday when all bags of undelivered letters stupendously explode and we all perish.

Or perhaps the running debate about lady priests, I cannot see any reason to why they can't as most of them look like men anyway. And the ones who don't, they aren't young enough to be deemed attractive so what's the issue? Plashing Vole has equal views on this outrageous sexism and perhaps one day the Catholic Church and Anglican will join together in harmony... in the depths of Hell.

The world is full of lunacy, dementia (The Pope) in some parts and psychosis (homo-bashing louts) in others. Without it, where would be? With less doctors required, gynaecologists would run amok and everyone would be dressed the same perhaps following Scientology whilst listening to pop. Yet no wars, stabbings and less murder would be the only positive outcome to the death of sin and corruption born of Eve's terrible deception to eat the Forbidden Apple. See, it's all her fault therefore blame womankind in general and offer no olive branch for reconciliation in this life.


hltoffy said...

I don't blame Eve at all. I'm reading His Dark Materials and far from blaming Eve, she should be celebrated. Instead of being a mindless moron, following orders and blindly accepted what's told to her, she decided to search for knowledge and I think she should be commended for that, rightly or wrongly, she was searching for answers (to what I'm not exactly sure) and, yes, perhaps she was wrong to do it, but it's also wrong to punish and sideline all women because of one individual. We all have our own minds and senses, we should judge for ourselves and not use blaming other people as a cop out.

Mr Table said...

Steve Flack for President.