Sunday, 29 November 2009

News Just In: I've Quit The Union Newspaper...

of which I was formerly editor and in doing so I took on the role of Malcolm as seen below from the brilliant Thick of It by stating the draft copy of the latest issue as being 'a consummate piece of fucking incompetence’. So I lambasted the layout designer (put in place by the Union, not me!) for not only the shocking appearance but writing an article openly criticizing the newly elected Diversity officer which the Student Union approved of! A complete embarrassment on her behalf and a shame as the rest of the team assembled did rather well and managed to do some good pieces, I interviewed a top upcoming band and wrote many pieces whilst editing yet the additional articles by the friend of the electoral runner up was horrendously biased and so hurriedly written that I didn't know where to start editing. The underling matter, we were censored from the off and I couldn't stand for any more perhaps I'll look back on this as a moment of madness but for now, I must concentrate on my partner, the degree and charity work with duties as a best man to my brother's wedding to fulfill.

Malcolm played by the inch perfect Peter Capaldi and the writers specifically Armando Iannucci whom I've mentioned before on his excellent Paradise Lost documentary, won one BAFA in 2006 but the new series shows a continuous theme of mayhem with the stellar cast and dynamic, witty dialogue that must be roundly praised for it's ingenuity. From Series One for instance of which I hugely agree with Hugh Abbot played by Chris Langham (according to Ewar), smiling should be banned:

Hugh Abbott: I want a new driver. Get me a new driver. I don't wanna see this guy ever again.

Glenn Cullen: On what grounds?

Hugh: Smiling! Inappropriate smiling! And smirking! Smiling and smirking! I don't wanna see that smile or smirk ever again, OK?

Other news, I shall soon be starting a new placement at an nearby school with a hard of hearing unit arranged by my employers of the Black County Scheme (start soon as the school get the funding to pay me) whom say I'd be ideal role model for the hearing and D/deaf alike so should be a great experience. So an interesting weekend, prior to the dramatic turn of events that took place, I spent the day in Liverpool with the lady visiting Tate Gallery and the museum, walking along the splendid Albert Docks and taking in the architecture and modernity of the largely inspired city following the award of City of Culture in 2008.

How did your weekend go? Do comment, I feel my blog is rather naked without the comments of you dear readers and I'd quite like to know if you feel I acted in the right manner. I'm considering sending an email to the layout designer who supposedly had years of experience of writing for an obscure online publication which doesn't even exist according to Google and as a 30 year old she acted irresponsibly whilst spelling disgracefully through out. Perhaps I'll say ‘By flying so close to your bright sun, like Icarus, I could have crashed to the earth and died but escaped thankfully'. Or is that quite overly dramatic and I should keep my head held high and leave things be?



The Plashing Vole said...

Congratulations - sometimes you just have to make a stand, and Cry Wolf didn't sound like it was going to win awards for independence and investigative journalism.

I like The Thick of It analogies.


davyancowboy said...

On one hand I'm pissed off that I, amongst other pressured individuals, took time out from a busy working schedule to write an article which will now most likely be binned (as if it wasn't going to be already) when I could have spent better time with words by either writing an essay or writing the soon to be amazing short story.

On the other hand its Peter Capaldi in the photo. Hugh Abbot is Chris Addison's character.

Demented Demon. said...

Oh Jesus, I got confused by names thanks for the heads up Danny boy and I shall try my best to get your article published yet I'm certain you'll get the online music publication role. Crywolf is certainly not worth our time as Vole correctly says it was never independent enough.

Ewarwoowar said...

Oh Lord.

Malcolm Tucker is played by Peter Capaldi.
Hugh Abbot was played by Chris Langham.
Ollie Reeder is played by Chris Addison.

God almighty.

davyancowboy said...

Yes, that was the bloke! Apologies.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.