Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Let's bail out of here...

Ideal job in an ideal place, the beautiful Rhode Island on the East Coast to be exact: with the only issue being it'll take 4 years in order to be qualified with M.A in Deaf Education (to be taken at Leeds University, preferably) in addendum to a P.G.C.E or the American equivalent. Amusing considering I've never entertained the idea of living in America until lately, it is the birthplace for deaf education with far more deaf students than the UK and Down Under put together with only pitfall being their largely conceited and supercilious residents. Close to Connecticut however and could be a far more forgiving place than I imagine it to be anyway, it'll be given to someone else who will perform admirably for the next decade or so I wouldn't be required. But a boy can dream, right?

What are your dreams, I wonder... your ideal job, home and holiday destinations? Put it this way, if could go somewhere for 6 months right now, fully paid for then where would it be? We may as well talk about such imagination in an quite depressing, less than idyll circumstances this nation faces as the economy isn't recovering despite what Gordon Brown says and the shuddering darkness of inclement winter months soon to arrive.

One news story over the last few days that shocked me: the murder in County Durham and as soon as I heard I remarked to my lady that County Durham is the most quiet, secluded and heavenly place when in the sunshine. It is not use to such crimes, I have family in close proximity and even my hallsmate lives there not to mention various celebrities such as Duncan Bannatyne. The exact location is similar to the Yorkshire Dales nearby to my home which of course has many dead bodies buried, it's cut off and extremely remote yet it is even more astounding that the victim met the murderer across the Internet.

Thus it will provoke the usual outcry of Internet safety particularly amongst naive young children and an ex of mine is undergoing a degree that specialises in catching these despicable criminals online. Surely more can be done to protect those online, special measures allowing more reorganization and closer look of each user especially those not deemed sane. However a homeless man has been arrested and shown them the body? The key word being 'homeless', how on earth would he accessed broadband if he can barely afford a decent coffee.

The violence, extreme boozing and intimidation of nights out have to be stopped in equal measure with various horrific stories circulating the news right now yet even a woman being attacked by two drunken men in revenge isn't going to cause much shock because we see this every Saturday night. Take tonight for example, I'm expected a local clubbing establishment for a weekly drink till you drop dead session to celebrate Halloween, a worthless jaunt created by... you guessed it, Americans. At least I have my new Calvin Klein aftershave, may stop by a KFC or indeed any other American junk food outlet so isn't difficult to imagine I'm in Rhode Island already.

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