Monday, 12 October 2009

An Empire masquerading as a country...

China, the newly arrived superpower and destination to a dear friend of mine upon her travels to study the language before her final year at Cambridge. From what she has told me (which is alot) Beijing appears to be wonderful, I wish to visit one day also Qingdao sounds like a dream. The 'Empire' itself consists of Tibet, Xinjiang, Macau, Taiwan, Inner Mongolia, and in the south they speak Cantonese which sounds very different from Mandarin even though it's written with the same characters. Then she asks of what I've been up to... how can one compare? So I say.... Well I've started my Shakespeare and Milton modules along with syntax of BSL, it's quite interesting. But my main interest at the moment is in writing for this hip men's fashion magazine called WWIT and since I've become one of editors of the University newspaper, started working in schools to help those with little confidence as they do their G.C.S.Es and various other things.

Nowhere near as fabulous especially considering she is doing dissertation on PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and hopefully she'll gain the valuable research she needs. Now I must do research of my own on the 'vampire culture' which is certainly 'in' at the moment juxtaposed by the 80’s revival of the neo-gothic New Romantic look of various lines. I'm hardly ideal to write about such a topic considering the fact I dress marginally contrast worthy yet once completed and featured in the next issue, I can then write about the winter months and my love of winter coats.

The problem lies within the editor's declaration that 'I know you have a specific style of writing, but some of the readers might not relate to it, but of course with the same sophistication... just diluted a little bit'. How can you change the way you write? I've never been able to and for the Hearing Times I tried my very best but they still wanted simplistic, brainless pieces. But WWIT is a very highly regarded up-coming magazine so less exuberant and more... personality?

The bright crisp weekend however was marred by the death of Steven Gately due to a binge session when he hardly ever drank and was relatively healthy. It speaks volumes about the dangers of drinking heavily and someone irreplaceable to many has succumbed to it's evils. R.I.P

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