Saturday, 26 September 2009

From Repudiation to Impetuosity...

Upon researching the background of one William Shakespeare, it appears that his father, John whom I acknowledged previously to had rose to success as a ‘Bailiff, Justice of the Peace, the Queen’s Officer and Chief of the Town of Straford’ in his formal application to gain the Shakespeare coat of arms and the respectability attached. However his downfall rapidly appeared with the small matter of a five year-old suit for a debt of £30 in 1578, which if you calculate using the formula created by the Professor of Economics at Birkbeck College in London it would have to be multiplied by 500 leaving £15,000 in the modern economic sense. The equilvant of a student loan debt. So why is the refusal to pay is of huge importance? I believe this is why eventually after his butchering, deer stealing days William Shakespeare ended up in London therefore launching his playwritings and poetic inspiration.

Even in 3 Henry VI, one of Shakespeare’s first plays it reveals his sentiments: ‘Twere pity they should lose their father’s lands’ as noted by Anthony Holden in his excellent book of which I previously mentioned.

Another matter that stroke me dowdily whilst reading King Lear once returned from the University with six books and purchased an additional three including Thomas De Quincey’s fabulous Confessions of an English Opium-Eater was this line: ‘the barbarous Scythian’ which from past references I thought to be referring to the tribe of Ancient Iranians yet the incredibly helpful side notes that discusses the etymology
of the words listed much like this link below:

So in fact, he was romantically referring to those who killed their own parents. Charming! Although certainly would lower our population if enforced in Britain but thankfully we are morally correct even if we choose not to act like it... well our Government in particular. Now Mandelson and the possible (very likely) convocations of the Labour backbenchers of how to oust Gordon Brown during a week where even Nick Clegg had shown at his Party Conference more passion whilst Brown is gallivanting across the Globe (not Shakespeare’s theatre but imagine if Brown on the stage performing, hilarious) to entertain B. Obama. They could overthrow him much like those who plotted behind the back of Thomas Cromwell only to Henry VIII to forever regret approving his execution. Will we also see perennial flashbacks of Brown’s ignominious end within a year’s time or will he launch a comeback to rival Spandau Ballet? ‘Always believe in your soul!’

Now to my lack of patience to return to after a tremendous first day, the training to be a mentor to 15 year olds who ‘lack the confidence to fulfil their G.C.S.E potential’ amongst other reasons which I clearly stated in my hopefully successful interview yesterday such as; bullying, issues at home and lack of motivation. Either way, I didn't think after a night of drinking previously that I'd gladly be there today but the scheme I feel will be a success I’m sure with the 20 graduatees that appeared today all of high intelligence, diligent and mostly considerate thus my weariness eased. The leaders even paid for our pub luncheon on top of the fee for turning up and there I was surrounded by women (there was only four other males that showed up). Now onwards to tomorrow, the culmination of training so goodbye for now and I can only hope you are all well.

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