Monday, 21 September 2009

Midnight falls...

And there is powerful silence unusual however the lady is reading in bed and the glinting shine of the pine desk from the light, I sit wishfully awaiting my full medical recovery planning the morning raid of the University library before lecture starts with a list readily assembled.

The book in question that she is reading, a tremendous accomplishment of not only high class writing but a riveting plot and set of characters that keeps even the attentions of my beloved- Sue Monk Kidd's Secret Life of Bees. Much like a poem I wilfully recall from my literature lessons of secondary school education, Tatamkhulu Afrika's 'Nothing's Changed' with its rural setting deep in South Africa of which offers similarity to the American tale whereby the sun is shining yet hampered by racism bitterly lingering even midst the Government's changeable outlook with important papers signed and Martin Luther King's protests. It's essentially describing the turmoil and how a young girl deserts her father to save her black housekeeper from imprisonment and certain death also from her own fears that her father was telling the truth- her mother left them before her death. Incredibly detailed and witty, perfect for those studying Women's Writing as the lady is however I should really be finishing off the book on Shakespeare not to mention my short story that has derailed through complexity of my own thoughts.

(As own modules go on the other hand, it didn't get off to the best of starts with my absence today through illness however I vow to improve on last year’s attendance).

Now, a film I watched within a small gathering of us in these halls- 'The Exoricsm of Emily Rose', has played on my mind alot. Not the fact it was bizarre, poorly acted in places but the sheer belief in possessed spirits that many hold. I cannot fathom whether it's a religious matter or whether all Catholics view this as the Devil's work as the film implies. To avoid sparking a religious debate, I also cannot decide upon the view that demonic spirits as the protection of the court case in which Father Moore is accused of negligent homicide, since he had suggested Emily to interrupt the use of medications for epilepsy is purely myth or truth. All I do know, it's the most frightening shit I can imagine- to be possessed.

Ending on a lighter note, the beauty of this woman named Brigette Bardot. The image at the top of the article which tells of her views, impending 75th birthday is simply stunning. Her smouldering lips and high penned hair (if that is an expression, who cares if it not), she rivals Marilyn Monroe. The most amusing part is at the end, telling the story of 'when they were filming together in a shopping arcade in Lausanne, a woman in a fur coat came up while Bardot was acting, spat full in her face and screamed 'You are undermining the bourgeoisie.' Ohhh, handbags! And the cheek of it, wearing a fur coat she was contradicting herself surely.

There you have it, a typical mix of literature, women and blinkered religious views. Goodnight. Oh and congratulations to 'Mad Men' for their Emmy's, well deserved and soon shall rival the Wire and Sopranos also Arrested Development as an American classic.

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