Thursday, 3 September 2009

Academic to Strictly Pretenious

Good afternoon, one hopes you are all well and truly enjoying the dwindling days of our supposed summer. Did we all have an outstanding bank holiday? Of course not but I thought I'd ask, the rain soon shall depart with hope.

In the last hour, I have applied for an excellent job that a contact has been touch about- a well paid role of Academic Coach to the Black Country Challenge which I admire wholeheartedly and would be of great benefit to my future. It's perfectly suited with my passionate beliefs in positive encouragement of students. As I currently work as a Volunteer for a leading disability charity and sales person for a marketing company, it would be easily fitted in around my studies and a chance to consolidate all skills I have grasped in the past 12 months. It would also be additionally necessary with my mentoring at the University thus my learning capabilities and communicative skills would entwine with each support network- the schools, the University students and those afflicted with the charity.

Most importantly however would be the need to instruct, inspire and assist in the development of such high potential that may have lost their way, much like I once did.

Good news: the number of responses on the government's own green paper website has more than quadrupled since last Tuesday when I was online for more than 5 seconds to check. The number of posts on the executive summary page - where the vast majority of responses are published - has risen from 133 to 640 in the course of the last week. The overwhelming majority of posts are strongly against any changes to disability benefits. You can read the responses, and add your own, here:

It needs to be addressed sooner rather than later; there are many deserving disabled persons that shall lose out if such cuts go through and their lives much affected. It would be perfect if you could join the campaign, which now has 22,692 members and rising. To join the rampage, email:

Now, the bad and positively sickening news of the week: the pesky children who deserve no mercy even at such a young age. However I feel their sentences will not take this in account also their mother should be punished severely.

That'll do for today, I shall return from my UK tour back to the West Midlands by next Saturday to move into the marvellous halls where a party shall take place and you are all invited (providing you aren't a drug dealing alcoholic).


Some Chilean Woman said...

Good luck with the job!

Mr Table said...

Steve Flack for President.