Thursday, 3 September 2009

Gremaine Greer vs. Pre Raphaelites

In light of this recent article citing the lack of talent in the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood, in her damned opinion, I must recommend the immediate sacking of such a foolish woman from the Guardian- a paper I once rated highly. Yes, the feminist is known as someone who acts without constraint in particular with her views, the more outrageous the better the publicity but when discussing art she is hardly qualified to pass such harsh judgement. I've always thought of her as a well knowledgeable respect figure and now I wouldn't intervene if her handbag was mugged.

The most laughable of all her ridiculous and sanctimonious comments: 'It is possible to succeed as a fake primitive with little talent or training, as Dante Gabriel Rossetti did', a man who didn't just sketch, write and paint some of the elegant pieces using juxtaposition between artistic flair and easily distinguished elements of his intelligent and charismatic manner but had the foresight for the entirety of the Brotherhood. Look at this painting for instance, an uncomfortable stance aside it is of unparalleled beauty and coloured wonderfully.


What does she prefer? That the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood somehow came back from the dead only to be disintegrated under her ghastly glare or simply vanished much like the Eidophusikon (the artwork that became the precursor of cinema). Perhaps that the tales, tribulations and debate would be non existent leaving conversations of festering rubble much like her own self delusional rants.

What shall the likes of her criticise next? Will she have the ghoul to dismiss Book II of Milton's Paradise Lost (should it ever be adapted to television by the BBC). Perhaps label as 'Milton is as serpent as Silvio Berlusconi and the book? Pedantic' or maybe she'll focus on the dramatic moment when Satan encounters Sin and Death at the Gates of Hell and write it was 'terribly depressing and unconvincing'. I'll spare her no more thought in the remaining years of her life whilst ignoring her bitterness at the world especially towards the art of such credibility and a far greater legacy than she shall leave. In all honesty had she wrote that in my English class, our lecturer would then swiftly time travelled back 50 odd years with her in his grasp so that he could cane her a thousand times. Oh the tears.

Now then, the reason I came to my laptop after a perfectly cooked roast beef luncheon was to see if any tutors would express concern at my module selection dilemma and perhaps emailed to my internal account of my possible solutions of which I can only hope I'll be able to study Classics. It seems not however an email has emerged of another perfectly brilliant job has come to the attentions of the deaf network back in the West Midlands of a Arts Officer for Deaf Cultural Centre whereby the recruit would be rather busy...

'From co-ordinating a visual arts festival to working alongside professional theatre makers to create a piece of BSL theatre you will be highly motivated, passionate about the arts and possess exceptional organisational skills'

Sod it, as the mother in the rare exceptional BBC One comedy 'Outnumbered' would say, I shall apply. So there we have it, I bid you all farewell and hope you have a marvellous weekend, if you are at all interested tonight I shall be dining with the lady and relatives at an Italian eatery in the Yorkshire Dales for our 8th month anniversary.

(Did anyone see ITV's 'Wuthering Heights'? I'm just watching this in the background of typing this blog and I must say, not to the standard I hoped then again the classic will never be successfully adapted).


Hermes said...

Good post and I think I agree with all of it. I came to the PRB through Millais and Ruskin and it took me a lomg time to appreciate Rossetti. But Germaine Greer, who I admire, is being as sensational as the stupid BBC. I can't believe she really believes the twaddle she wrote in that article.

Mr Table said...

Steve Flack for President.