Wednesday, 25 February 2009


In the admist of an essay on Sunset Boulevard whilst reading Thomas More's Utopia in the writer block periods that has become more frequent then desired, I read more into the tragic death of the Conversative leader David Cameron's 6 year old son Ivan.

Now, I usually display the emotion and heartfelt sympathy as often as Thomas More himself who has been a headless corpse since 1535 thanks to that lovable bastard Henry VIII's orders.

But this story has real poignancy, utterly heartbreaking for the Camerons upon knowing their first child was unlikely to live till he became a teenager due to a rare cerberal palsy disorder which encaptured his young life following a admission to hospital. They must of realised their son's life was never going to be one of longeitivy, normality and stress free but to be cut short at the age of six? How depressing. With not only the love of the friends and family but the support of the nation indeed the Prime Minister who spoke in tribute hopefully they can put this despair to one side and celebrate the little time they had with him.

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