Sunday, 8 February 2009

Aims in Life

An Italian author who goes by the name of Primo Levi once said

“The aims of life are the best defense against death.”

I agree wholeheartedly, one must have other aims in order to achieve peace with their soul. To preserve, live healthily and securely surrounded by family and friends is a clique in my eyes but so true.

My ultimate aim has changed over the years however I know now, that I wish to educate the Deaf children. Not only through the medium of teaching but other avenues such as creating thought provoking films with an associate of mine who has similar views that the hiearachy of Deaf education needs to face facts, the system needs to undergo modernization. Also I wish to construct articles, blogs such as this to appeal to the masses of young Deaf chidren informing them that what they face is not a lonely journey.

Secondly I wish to raise not only money but awareness for Deaf Charities and various Meningitis Organizations as I managed to surive aged 3 to the cost of my hearing this terrible illness not to mention help Pneumonia sufferers too that I overcame in the same year. Another area of medical experise is those who deal with premature babies, I never realised how lucky I was to be three months premature then lived when I hear tragic stories and this was down to the Doctors that operated on me. For that, I wish to raise cash for them too.

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