Saturday, 28 February 2009

Story of Hyato Hirano

During the Second World War, British soliders were kept capative at a little known prisoner of war camp in a swamp in the heart of Japan were violently beaten by sadastic guards hellbent on causing misery as they were unable to fight for Japan. Disease raging, terrible diet of seaweed and dirty water left the men one step away from a depressing death, in their disgusting huts.

But one man did his utmost to save those in his supervision, his name was Hyato Hirano. Facing exectution for his betrayal he secretly fed John Baxter and his comrades also refused to beat them. His goodwill shows a side of humailty and care even amongst the most disturbed, angered soliders. It's a tale of a bond within the ruthless enemies.

To show their gratiude upon the H Bomb that destoyed Japan who had surrended on August 15th 1945, US forces delivered food to the British disease ravaged prisioners who duly rewarded Hyato Hirano's family and they showed their apprieation by throwing a farewell party.

Decades passed by, Baxter attended a VJ Day in Japan to mark the 50th anniversary of the surrender and was recongized by Hirano and they have kept in contact since.

Some people can make a huge difference by doing something of such courage and compassion. Of course these people are outnumbered by those who relentlessly pursure their own aims and protect themselves only. But we can take heart that the World isn't such a terrible place.

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