Friday, 7 August 2009

A Strangely Fulfilling Friday...

It seems there is a reason behind why the senior politicians were scarce when I visited the House of Lords and Westminster last weekend; they are all on holiday or in hiding. The news that Mandleson is in Corfu was more surprising than the fact he is running proceedings, who goes to Corfu nowadays? Well, he wouldn't exactly suit Ayia Napia or Malia. Even more rousingly, Harriet Harman believed she was left in charge. Exactly, she has the leadership credentials and charm of a starved Yorkshire Terrier.

It is not sexism that ruins chances of women becoming respected figures but their own lack of social awareness. By that, I do not mean to the fact they are unable to persist in a healthy debate without their makeup falling out of their handbag. Or that they start blaming men for remotely anything that comes to mind. Yes, their arguments tend to be irrational even if there aren't, men soon get bored as we only wish to look at attractive women with nice breasts. Oh lord, it is sexism isn't it? However a boom in beautiful, male friendly but dim witted ladies in politics wouldn't be the most profitable outcome, look at Berlusconi's Government.

After completing the second story for the Manchester Young Persons Writer Award staggeringly late but made the deadline, I finally feel at peace. I shall now be writing for the British Deaf Magazine and the website contents for 'Skill', calm in the knowledge my ideas are flowing well leading to less complexity. Well, hopefully anyway. Not helped by social arrangements to venture to obscure nightclubs or the lady wishing to go shopping at any opportunity that arises.

On the subject of 'Skill', now the campaigning team have met up there shall be a volunteering event in Camden, London on Thursday 27th August. It'd be fully worthwhile to support the charity whilst learning an array of different aspects to volunteering with expenses paid, too (hotel stay, travel and food). Any questions then do not hesitate to leave a comment or email me.


Mr Table said...

Steve Flack for President.

Sandy said...

Steve Flack for President!
Oh wait, that's ^his line. :)