Monday, 3 August 2009

London Town.

Hope you all had a marvellous weekend. Within 24 hours; I learnt there are no rules on the tube, hotels in Camden are perhaps terribly overpriced and the surrounding area smell isn't pleasant. Needless to say, I found the House of Lords suitably impressive however figure that the Baroness isn't what our political campaign to change disabled youth rights needs. I knew this previously considering her expenses outcry and ridiculous arguments on radio shows...

Yet I was stunned as she seemed to lack the credibility within the House of Lords (damningly told not to take pictures of us), invasive and too absent minded to seize upon our discussions. She even had the audacity to place her bare feet on her desk with her son behind her, snivelling away. Of course she was overly nice and pleasant; listened to my aims additionally the various points the group of similar passion and understanding made. But I feel despondent with the brutal realisation that no one seemingly cares.

Aside from the political shenanigans and upsetting security by placing myself in areas not allowed; I enjoyed the library of a thousand books as it seemed riveting with such elegance decorated around the place even whilst hundreds of tourists wandered and armed police officers postured. Now, the royal paintings I viewed in the gallery (the name I forget, the Baroness wasn't as memorable as say... the blonde near Westminster Pier) showed an uncannily liking of brothers George VI and the traitorous Duke of Windsor whom became friendly with Hitler. It was the eyes, the same emotionless look and strong gaze of the pair that is akin to my older brother and I that prompted thoughts which of us would betray our country. Similar to their situation, it’d be the elder of course with the heavy metal fanatic who would presumably ascend to faraway lands with promises of women, alcohol and marijuana.

Afterwards we then ventured towards Trafalgar Square over-ruled by teenagers... this is where the Baroness was perfect, to scare them off with her rants and offensive bare feet. Then the madness descended furthermore as a crane arrived to lift a lady from toppling off the apex of a statue just by where we sat with our sandwiches. Wishfully, a Second World War fighter pilot (the central character to a current story idea) would swoop in to frighten the foreigners darted around with a large 'Welcome to England, please do not deposit your litter in the fountain or climb beyond your limits. Those found doing so shall face execution at the Tower of London' banner attached.


Mr Table said...

Steve Flack for President.

Cloud of Despair said...

I agree with you on the fact that Baroness Uddins isn't suited to help us out...but it is one MP so we should get more MPs by the end of the year if we use Uddins.
Other than that, great blog as always...though it was annoying to get splashed on from that lady on the top of that Trafalgar Square.