Monday, 17 August 2009

Pastures New...

A fairly successful day upon becoming the West Midland's Area Agent for a large marketing company whom have provided the websites, advertisement and prints for such global companies as Mercedes, Shell and Natwest. I've began to build up a contact list and hopefully the collective group of independent shops, hoteliers and recruitment agencies in the area will build to 200 by the end of the month. The focus is to raise profile of the company, bring in interested parties to advertise for and produce personal business cards for it's employees.

I've pledged my loyalty to the boss who was charmed by my Yorkshire twang, professional C.V and possibly the AK-47 I had. Of course I promise to still work for the charity, write articles for certain publications and short stories as well as the 'Associate' job interview tomorrow.

How was your weekend, ladies and gentleman? The sun is resting nicely in the skies, not too bright but enough light for evening walks that I have since returned from and alighted my interest in the natural surroundings that once ruined by the large numbers of builders, students and passing cars. It seems late Summer is upon us and the new academic year is nearing, I aim to be studying Classics (John Milton's Paradise Lost) and Shakespeare modules at least to cure the boredom of accompanying language modules.

Now remember, if you require a full colour business card or flyer (very classy too) then I'm your man.


Mr Table said...

Steve Flack for President.

Sandy said...

Nice! Your career is looking up and up. I had no idea that an AK-47 could be used to increase ones employability. I must get one for myself soon. What with the economic slowdown and all.