Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I have a dream...

Here is the most famous painting by the Pre Raphaelite, John Millais whom I've began reading about. A tremendous talent, I’m sure you’ll agree. It’s not just most recognizable by his name but by traditional English art as it refused to conform to the belief set by paintings of that era.

It is merely Ophelia drowning in the river, you may say. The famous character from Hamlet, a wretched woman whom I alluded to in my first short story and previous blogs due to its sheer importance but notice the attention to detail that is almost perfect.

I'm now in discussions with photographer associates of mine whom are all excellent about we do one of a young lady, drowning or a mere reflection in the river wearing hearing aids due to her deafness or a wheelchair whilst ignored by nearby passerbys. Emphasizing the lack of assistance and support network.
If created I feel it'd be ideal for the political campaign showing the lack of co-operation, loneliness, shunned by society and disabled. Essentially the idea of the fallen woman that'll grasp the attention of the public, finally allowing us to voice our frustration.

I hope you can see it too, readers. Also another associate of biology intelligence could be of use if we wish to take picture in icy water, he will know of a way of retaining the body's blood pressure whilst allowing the model to be sullen, dying almost. I wish to capture the quartz veins in her neck, her sullen look and tragic surroundings and pale composition of her face too, drained of energy to fight for her rights anymore.

Send your suggestions if you wish. With your help it shall now become the most potent in disability rights and awareness as it was for the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood.

Update: I've just seen this of the Edinburgh Festival, no other than Ophelia herself. Now I feel the idea has derided and I must think of something else or keep to the reflection in the river.


Mr Table said...

Steve Flack for President.

Sandy said...

Your interest in Pre Raphaelite art is growing on me steadily. The idea of having using the same pose for the campaign is good. I can imagine the effect it would have. Especially the part about the other people moving on indifferently.
My simplistic mind suggests a few primitive ideas as well. They are as follows:
1. A deaf person crossing the road(on a zebra) and getting yelled at by a speeding motorist.
2. A blind person standing in front of a an information board(perhaps in a tube station) and nobody helping him/her.