Tuesday, 5 January 2010

'O England, model to thy inward greatness...'

How are we all? Coping with the snow, rapid decline in temperature and frostbite I hope? As per usual our country goes into severe panic whilst the sane amongst us sit back and enjoy the sights. My apartment is luckily the warmest amongst the newly built establishment thanks to an easily deceived caretaker who allowed us round the clock heating after one of the girls painted the image of a frostbitten student also it's facing the lighted snow covered streets amongst the stars.

What the deep freeze allows, plenty of time for homemade soup and reading with the odd game on Football Manager now the last of semester one's essays has been handed in. The lady, in her infinite wisdom, bought plenty of food just before the latest snowfall as well as detested newspapers such as the Mirror and Express & Star which I regrettably, read. However it seems there's a reason to read it- a competition to become a Mirror sporting blogger and the chance to visit their Canary Wharf HQ for a placement over the course of a month. An excellent insight into sporting journalism awaits the winner: I'm nearly done with my 200 word piece on 'Manchester United entitled 'Beckham Awaits' and another on 'Talented Youngsters'. If you wish to do so email them a 200 word blog on your favourite side and one on anything you desire: mirror-footballstaff@mirror.co.uk. Good luck.

This week has seen the Labour Party in fracas with Gordon Brown susceptible to a coup by Hoon and Hewitt whom if they had any nous they'd kept quiet and supported their leader ahead of the General Election as they have no other alternative leader or polices to grab the public attention thus defeat is on the cards then a new leader would've been sought.

Jonathan Ross: An entertaining but staggeringly arrogant buffoon who surely will be missed but hopefully young talents will thrive in his absence and the obscene pay check he received will go on promoting more drama and enhanced news coverage that shows more than just political squabbling and weather woes. Have a good weekend, all.


Some Chilean Woman said...

I want the snow you guys have, I would love to hybernate!

Demented Demon. said...

Bless you! It is quite relaxing, I must say. Very picturesque especially when the sun appears like diamonds coruscating in the candlelight. Beautiful hilly landscape covered in thick snow too, I'm sure you'll have snow soon SCW x

Sue's Blog said...

Glad Jonathan Ross has gone – but I suspect he has been offered something more lucrative elsewhere. I thought he was boring and silly.
I agree, the money wasted on him could be spent on some decent dramas.