Saturday, 2 January 2010

Poppy's Family Renaissance

Inspired by an writer whose name is often mis-remembered and an actress famously wrongly named by Gordon Brown as this upcoming favourite blog of mine shows, Renée Zellweger's portrayal of Beatrix Potter in the film 'Miss Potter' shown on the BBC proved to be an eye-opener. As I decided to write my own children's story (along with the short stories, book on deaf education I wish to produce following an Masters) and here's an rough outline of the idea that stemmed from viewing the film: set in the delightful village of my upbringing in the era previous to my birth in the mid 80's, an rebellious guinea pig began causing mayhem thus resolving with it's widowed owner falling for the local carpenter thanks to the efforts of her inventive twin daughters and spiteful landlord. Here's the opening chapter I wrote in the last twenty minutes then perhaps I'll write some more. I should ideally, be producing my Shakespeare essay but such enticement to writing such nonsensical but amusing accounts proved too mighty for even the Bard himself if Much Ado About Nothing is anything to go by. Enjoy!

Gently strolling along the garden path, out of her usual bounds nonetheless she moved confidently and assuredly. Her absence however caused anarchy in the household for the dearly loved creature could come to harm, they called her ‘Poppy’ and rather charmingly she is held in high esteem. Whilst her journey didn’t last as prolonged as feared, since the arrival of the postman by the name of Nigel whom bellowed his usual “Good morning, my dears” to the young sisters of the establishment- Amelia and Charlotte Wiggins without realizing the advancing four legged black spotted Poppy. Such hilarity regined when the mother of the children, Belinda ran like a duck through hazy grass to the feet of the animal before picking it up with moments to spare from being flattened.

The following chaos ensured that Poppy would never walk in that direction again, she was told and that a chicken coop would have to be built. For its creation, the local carpenter Andrew Dudgeon had to be called immediately, “Would you be a gentleman and encroach our garden path to build an extremely important settlement for our roving pest, Poppy the Guinea Pig?” she questioned with great hope for a positive response.

“Of course I shall, Miss Wiggins. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow afternoon perhaps?” he answered amicably despite the curiosity of whether or not she has realized his lust for her, and merely envisaged seeing her in typical flowery attire with beautiful hair curled to perfection. Mr Dudgeon is only 25 and yet, he’s seen many vicious things in such a short span of life whilst on duty in the Falkland’s in the Royal Navy. He returned unscathed thankfully and shan’t remain a worrying hindrance to his family as a fully established carpenter in his village of Hunmanby; located on the English coast midst the picturesque surroundings of North Yorkshire.

The children happily ran amok around the house in glee at such an esteemed gentleman beckoning such arrival, a carpenter! He could build them such marvellous furnishings or a summerhouse that’d be much admired in the context of their sparse garden since the shed of their father has gone. He is much missed, following his tragic death in a car accident on the A64. “Oh Amelia, just imagine a huge tree house or rocking horse for us!” Charlotte exclaimed with such ferocity that she almost burst with joy.

However their mother, haunted by past misdemeanours and triviality of recently losing her teaching position at the local school due to financial cut-backs which left her incredibly upset is in no mood for romance. She even labelled her life to her dear beloved friend, Katherine as being an "Elizabethan tragedy slowly strangled by the masquerading Norman Bates!” in the shape of her loathed landlord, Henry who took no pity on their unfortunate situation.

Unbeknown to her, the children gathered Poppy and began their plans to entice the local carpenter through the medium of an apple pie filled with heart shaped sweets that they believed would make him fall in love with her. All they needed was their grandmother to prepare them a cake so onwards to the bus stop. They had to remind Poppy she is sadly not allowed to venture outside on their exertion so Amelia patted her and placed her on the mantelpiece of all places!

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