Saturday, 2 January 2010

A New Beginning...

As the first blog of the New Year and is it plausible that a greater need to exert panegyric and positiveness in the upcoming decade rather than dismissing optimistic foes could occur? Let's hope so, no more masked insults and in-sincerity. In an ideal society, the media end their assault of those who continue to disappoint, shock and insult our heritage and focus on reflecting on the potential. Starting with those capable of grace, wit and accomplishment with a bright future ahead of them; not just comedians, writers and actors as noted by various newspapers deciding upon their predictable list of those who shall shine in the upcoming year much like their meaningless reflections of the past decade. Allow more emphasis on unrecognized hardworking heroes of society; the council workers who gritted our streets (those who did so), the bus drivers who many rely upon to travel to work and so forth and most certainly charity volunteers that form the basis of any hope for that particular charity. Let's be inspired and moved not emotionally drained or blame others for our predicament. Let's end the hypocrisy which still runs amok in the media; Polly Toynbee has lately angered me. She has form for such occurrences and now once again criticizing the Labour Party on the first day of 2010 without hope for a regenerative effort but to pile more misery on us:

To call Brown, 'delusional' speaks of nothing but bitter undertones. Yet she cannot hide behind her statistics and elegant manner; her hatred blinds her journalistic instinct which we saw just 3 years ago in this article that roundly backs Gordon Brown which appears to be unbeknown to her. Whilst I accept many have changed opinions on New Labour over the course of the last reign or seek active change, one must wonder what has caused her to change ethos so drastically. Perhaps her glamorous mansion in Hampshire has lost tremendous value in the downturn or her chef demands higher pay or deeming the NHS as completely in-efficient on the basis of a friend's opinion so it's Labours fault which is ironic considering here she bellows nothing but staunch support:

Interesting, isn't it? I rather liked 'of all the qualities that Brown's party will welcome him for next week, still the greatest may be simply that he is not Tony Blair' which shows her complete naivety in light of the success he offered and whilst he embarked on tackling the apparently harmless Iraqi regime, I still believe he did the best he could do for our proud kingdom. To discount his efforts, talk up Brown like a fully fledged Brownite then merely discredit all association of support in the latest article shows how in-fulfilled her life must be: following the trend and jumping on any bandwagon that passes her by. And this is what must be stopped. People should form their own opinion, establish collective views on a range of topics from the NHS, foreign policies and the dreaded economy before discussing matters with friends, relatives and co-workers before voting rather than read this grovel. I wilfully wish for the day more thought provoking, interesting and coherent articles are printed/available online such as this: 

A moving account of a squatter whom resides in the abandoned plains of British streets whilst scavenging for food in such inventive ways. She was formerly a journalist who lost her job and became introduced to a world in which most of us gladly would avoid; imagine a life of no money exchanges just pure natural habitat or darkened flat whilst eating the remains of a cafe's lunch hour service via their bins and sitting upon a armchair left stranded outside Mrs Smith's down the road. The sad state of our homing departments lead to this as in London , another issue rarely discussed: homelessness is on the rise. It's not that these people wouldn't happily work; I see many of them in this city with smiles on their faces even in such dire situations that defy any hope of employment as they do not have a fixed address.

Ultimately, it's the article allows us to contemplate how well-off we are. For instance, like many millions in this country, my joyful New Year celebrations occurred midst the cosy surroundings of my apartment filled with laughter, plenty of food and drink and the next day, I felt terribly guilty for those who had no one or nothing as such community shows how irrelevant material goods are which the author attempted to illustrate. Rather than dwell on her misfortune, she plunged all her efforts into shelter centres and finding food whilst still remaining healthy, energetic and most importantly, happy. How many of our entrepreneur, business type millionaires in this country can truthfully say they are happy? It's reminiscent of the Channel 4 show 'Secret Millionaire' and the communities they meet change their lives.

Allow 2010 to change your life for the good whilst appreciating those around you.

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Lauren said...

I love the secret millionaire, but it always makes me cry.